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Besides, We also have a Youtube channel, and our latest work is called ” 6 Japanese commercials about working women in Japan”, with our analysis that we can understand more of  Japanese working women by watching this series. (English subtitles included)

Read our detailed post: How Japanese commercials reflect the working life of Japanese women?

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There are other stuff in this blog:

Love Stories from Fukuoka are about my time staying at Fukuoka; and the stories are about me and my friends. In order to protect my friends’ privacy, sometimes, names, places, and the time are a bit different from my real experience.


Ms nothing’s series: I am now working in HK as private tutor every Saturday.  Zoe and I regularly make videos for fun. If you like our videos, you may subscribe my channel. ^^

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My latest video: talking to siri 

The success of kumamon 

Why Asian women don’t like drinking with their boss ?


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