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Drama Review-Million Yen Women


I have never thought of doing drama review, till I watched “Million Yen Women”, which is a Japanese drama available to be seen on Netflix.

It’s an interesting and exciting drama full of mystery. A struggling writer,  Shin, lives with 5 women for almost half a year, and every month they pay him for 100 million yen for rent. (I really wanna be their host XD). Those 5 women actually received an invitation card to invite them to live with Shin, and there are some rules the women have to obey. Why those women are willing to do such crazy things? Why a mysterious host sends out such weird cards to those women ? Actually I have done a video to talk about some background information, and you guys may get to know some background by watching my video. For the below writing, I will talk about what I think about the drama, which I haven’t said on my video.


Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

After watching this drama, I think I like it very much. Mainly This drama reflects some reality that success is not just from personal effort or determination, but also with the helps of some personal connections, timing, money, and some luck.

Shin finally sells his novels well, because one of his roomates, who is a superstar, being killed by a host who invited the women to live with his house. It has created many reports from medias that help them advertise his books.

Shin’s father is a murderer. As a writer who has a murderer’s father, is actually a juicy news in Japan that people are interested in his work whatever it’s rubbish or not.

One of his roomates, Hitomi, makes use of her personal connection, in order to help Shin get a writer award that he could be known by everywhere in Japan. It’s not something Shin can do by himself, but others who help him secretly. Besides, Shin is just in focus of writing, ignoring what’s happening in the world. His career success, somehow, involves luck, as the “host” considers him like a “toy” that wants him to be a famous writer, at the expense of some life of his roommates.

It’s a very dark drama, in my opinion, but quite real that we are just toys, in the perspectives of some powerful people. And it’s not up to us to live peacefully, even you try to escape from this messy world.

Watch my drama review if you like it, and watch the drams on Netflix. It’s a super good one.






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