Fukuoka Love story

My final day with Joni Murakami

Fukuoka Love Story: A Letter from Joni Murakami (Day 2): 

Fukuoka Love story: A Letter from Joni Murakami (Day 1): 


It was Friday, And I had become friend with this girl only for 5 days, but I had spent many times together after school.  


Today was my final day in the language school, and I would move back to Hong Kong and start my work again. Joni was a 19 years old girl and I knew she would move to Tokyo for study, and next year she would go back to the UK for her university life.  It meant that we might not have a chance to see each other in the short future.


Up till now, I still remembered my final day with her. It was in January, and it was super cold in Fukuoka. She knew I hadn’t been to Fukuoka tower, and she accompanied me to go there. On the way, I felt super cold, as I was not used to such old weather. I thought I was suitable in living in Singapore, instead of Fukuoka. Joni was fine with it, as she was wearing a green thick jacket that kept her super warm.


Near the Fukuoka tower was the beach, towards the direction of south Korea. There was no people at the beach. I thought I was a bit stupid going to the beach under such cold weather. Joni suddenly took an orange and ate, said..


“The orange was so cold” said Joni


“Of course, the weather was cold.” I replied.


She kept laughing, and asked me, “Are you cold ?  ”


Indeed, I did not tell her I felt cold, as there was no reason as a 29 year old man to tell a 19 year old girl that I couldn’t stand cold weather. Particularly I was the one suggesting here, and I shall not complain too much.


Joni suddenly hugged me, holding my hand, and walking along the beach with me. She said “ I am a good friend of yours. Let’s walk in this way.”

I knew I shouldn’t hold her hand, but it was the final time. I didn’t care what happened tomorrow. I didn’t care tomorrow would be an end of the world. I just wanted to seize the moment and felt the warm from her tiny hand.


It was around 6:00pm already. I had to go back to my host family place around 8:00pm and they were living in a countryside in Fukuoka. We slowly walked to Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, towards to the direction of Tojinmachi station. Along the way the wind was strong. Some bicycles fell down due to the wind.


I said the bad joke, “The bikes are dead! “  She laughed suddenly. Actually I did not think my joke was funny.


Joni had to get off at Tenjin station to change another subway towards her flat. And I had to take a subway straight to Hakata and changed Shinkansen towards Sue-machi, the countryside in Fukuoka. Yea, we had to say goodbye to each other in Tenjin station. I was not sure when I would see her again, As the distance between London, and Hong Kong was too long, and she would start her new life in London, and I had to start my work, and perhaps I would get married with one girl I didn’t love after a few years later. 


In Tenjin station, before the subway door opened, she suddenly gave me a present, and gave me a hug, and said, “ I will miss you always.” People in the train stared at us, as hugging was an inappropriate behaviour in public, especially in the subway. Passengers came in and she went out, standing in front of me outside the train, waiting the door closed. We waved to each other, and she disappeared as the subway was moving.


I unwrapped the present in the train, and it was a CD, a letter, and a bar of chocolate.  The CD was her selected love songs below here, and it inspired me to write “love stories of Fukuoka. The letter she gave me I still keep it inside the pocket.


She once told me she would give chocolate to a man she loved while we were studying in a school. At that moment, I felt like god always like to make fun of human being.

I haven’t seen Joni anymore after this day. Now we both have our loved ones, and because of the time difference, and busy work schedule, we haven’t chatted with each other. Perhaps we both wanted to keep the best moment for each other, that’s why we never actively contacted with each other. It’s kind of hard to maintain any relationship in long distance, and both of us were also in different life stages.

Finally, what I get is the sweet memory. The moment we said goodbye to each other is still in my mind.  

Music Playlist of Love Stories of Fukuoka 

Why I write Love stories of Fukuoka

I love to write something about online dating, personal limitation in a relationship, bad timing between couples, and the fragile of human being. I think we are living in an age way more complicated than the past. Our relationship is influenced by many factors that we cant control. It’s quite normal to feel helpless, but We have to get by it. 


Even you reckon your boyfriend or girlfriend is your life-long partner, it doesn’t mean things would go okay in the process of relationship, as there are many daily stuff that drive you crazy. They are mundane and annoying, but you have to deal with them. In the past, perhaps people do not have higher standard on finding a love partner, compared with the age right now. 

It is not easy to make a lifelong commitment to another half. At the same time, it’s difficult to keep a promise forever. Perhaps it’s time to read my stories to bring you to my world that you can escape the reality for a while, or you may recognize a real reality in my stories.





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