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Chinese Dama/ Some Chinese tourists make all the Asians look bad

Chinese Damas are popular among the world recently, as they like to invest, but they do not have any investment knowledge. Of course, They have earned a lot. I do not know why. For me, their behaviors are kind of disturbing, as they do not care about what they do in public. In this video, I would draw what a Chinese dama look likes. My drawing is not good, though.

Watch it on youtube here.

Actually, there is another video about what Chinese damas do that annoy me the most. As I am living in HONGKONG now. What they do actually affect the daily life of people. This video I speak in Japanese.

Watch it on youtuber here.

Personally, I think what many Chinese tourists do actually affect the image of Asians. You know, when asians travel somewhere out of Asia, if one is viewed as Chinese, one would receive poor treatments from staff in tourists places. In the below video, I talk about why Chinese tourists make many Asian people look bad in English.

watch it on youtube page here.


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