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How to date Japanese girls

Well, I think foreigners must want to have Japanese girlfriends, as they look cute, feminine, and considerate. I do not compare them with other women of other countries, as it may make many readers unhappy(though there are not so many readers on this page). But I like to share my ways to get to know Japanese girls. I think the most important thing is you must have the channel, or way to get to know them, instead of thinking of some tactics to win their hearts.


  1. By Hellotalk

Hellotalk is a language exchange apps that you can find your language partner easily in different countries. I think every relationship must start from being friends first, especially if you are too aggressive in the beginning, girls in Japan may run away, or think you are not a nice guy.  So learning languages together can help you understand the girls more, and also let her understand you more in the context that is friendly for conversation.


2. Living in a dormitory

living in a dormitory with Japanese students is a good way, as many Japanese girls are shy of going to parties, or chatting with strangers that first time they meet. Living in a dorm that helps them get used to you, and it creates a friendly environment that you can ask her some questions as ice-breaking, for example, “where is the washing machine”  or do you know where I can rent a bike ” …etc. Please do not think you can pick up a girl on the street, just because you are foreigners. It is super difficult unless you are super handsome. Besides, if a girl can give her phone no easily to you on the street, she may also do this with other foreigners.


Of course, The most important thing is you have to speak good Japanese. Otherwise, it is hard to have deep conversation. It is better you study some Japanese language before going to Japan.

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.



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