Japanese commercials

Studying at universities is not for money only

In the main city like Tokyo, many universities do not have to worry about the number of intakes of students, as many will come to Tokyo and study there for better career. However, Universities in rural areas and smaller cities are struggling the most, due to the decreasing number of students every year.

Hence, many universities try their best to attract students to study there. It is common to promote the large of graduates who can get good jobs. However, apart from this, Selling the value to freshmen- why studying here can enrich their life seems way more important nowadays.

In fact, In this era, graduating from famous universities do not make sure  you can get a good job. How you can realize your potentials at universities, and do something you won’t regret in your life seems way more important nowadays.

From those commercials, you may know more about how current Japanese students value the best of universities.

Watch it on youtube here.


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