Funny news/weird news

It’s weird but funny Japanese photo times! | VOL. 1 |

” It’s weird but funny Japanese photo times! ” will be uploaded every Monday. ^^ 

Wanna buy it ?


No matter where she is, I wanna see her more than watching “your name” .


Did you do this for your girlfriend ?


It is kind of dangerous to pour hot water while walking ..


10 very funny Japanese commercials about summer festivals. Watch it on you-tube here.

Again! but in real life, my girlfriend doesn’t like me doing this for her. She says I am acting cool, not a real cool.


Oh my god…It is mermaid ?! It shall be a new version of mermaid!


The main cause of air pollution is due to cup noddles.


Well, the best way of marketing. ..When you wear those suit, you can fly, jump and do something amazing.


Gundom cooker. Cool, Do they have Gundom Wing’s one ?


Funny Japanese commercials about job hunting ~ Watch it on youtube by clicking here now.



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