Japanese commercials

Japanese UCC canned coffee commercials in the 80s


Japanese canned coffees were invented in the 1969  and started to go famous in the 70 and 80s, due to the economic boom. The youth had got increasing purchasing power and that was the era of being cool. (Actually, every young man wants to be cool)

Japanese commercial UCC coffee in the 80s 

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

In fact, though it was in the 80s, UCC coffee was selling just a can of coffee that kept  you awake, but a lifestyle, representing ” sexy , youth, and energetic.”

The girls from the ads were not only sexy, but also sporty, producing the image to viewers that anyone drank  the coffee could be as energetic as them.

You may ask: why so many young girls ?

Young girls as an ad promoter not only could win the heart of young boys who were/are  in the stage of being hungry for love, but also hit the heart to the young Japanese girls who wanted  to look strong, due to more and more women receiving education in the 80s, and went into a workplace after graduation, instead of marrying someone to be a housewife.


Besides, UCC coffee marketers tried to package the canned coffee as a drink that you shall drink during meeting your lovers in the 80s, and from the ads the girls were happy with seeing the men offering them the UCC coffee, and they became more and more in love.

Personally, I don’t like canned coffee, but UCC coffee seems to provide a kind of lifestyle or value that when you drink it, you would become that sort of person. Marketers sometimes have to know: product is important, but in Japan or some places in the world, value/lifestyle, sometimes, is more important than the content of the product, whether it is good or bad.

Enjoy watching the commercials ^^ you may understand more of Japanese culture by watching this video ^^.



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