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6 Japanese commercials about Japanese working women //How Japanese commercials reflect the working life of Japanese women?


The conversations in the commercial are translated into English.

How Japanese commercials reflect the working life of Japanese women?  Why it is hard of being a woman in Japan ?

It is the first series of Japanese commercial  about work. And this series is about Japanese working women.


Womenomics in Japan

Due to low birth rate in Japan, and the economic recession, The Japanese government now is encouraging more and more Japanese women to work, even if they are married and have kids, in order to supplement the labor force.  It is easy to say by encouraging women to work, but there are many side effects on the daily live of  the women as well. In particular,  women in Japan were expected to get married and have kids, and took care of the family,  for decades, AND many women are treated super unfairly by their male colleagues in office.  Now they have to change their role, but also have to fulfill the expectation of the society by acting like a “good” woman who can take care of her kid, husband, and handle her work well.

From the above Japanese commercials you can know the hardship of Japanese women they are facing right now.

Content of the Japanese Commercials:

AD 1: The group of women overwork and take a late train back home. They all are tried of the work but they are singing a song for cheering themselves up that tomorrow will be a better day if they now endure and work harder.


AD 2:   Despite working in a construction site, the young women can still go one step ahead of others with the use of the new technology. She seems to tell people that, as a woman, she is not far behind from the society.


AD3:  The office ladies in Japan complain about some unfair issues in workplace in their heart, but they tell themselves that they are confident of doing something that they think is important. ( I don’t quite understand why they say in this way,. Anyone can tell why they think in this way ? )


AD4: Women in the families are called ” mum” by their sons, and husbands, and their real names are only called in workplace. Actually, women want their husbands to call their names sometimes, instead of calling “mama”.

The women in the commercials are kind of shocked when their husbands call their names, but they are happy in the bottom of their heart.  According to the commercial, when women hear their names being called by their loved ones, the Oxycontin, the love hormone,  in their bodies rises, and they would feel happy and being loved.


AD5: The young woman is heading back to her workplace with a tiring face, but her tiring look was made fun of by her male colleague.

When they enter the company, they see a beautiful, young woman; and the male senior  greets her politely. after the beautiful, young lady walks away, the man says ” the need from you in the company is different from hers”.



It is a controversial commercial in Japan that many women think that the commercial is insulting women but not cheering them up. From the commercial, the man gives a message that there are 2 types of women in workplace. One is called ” flower of workplace” that women who must be beautiful and her function in the company is to cheer male colleagues up; the second type of women is like the heroine who looks normal but she can work hard and help male colleagues with work.

AD6: The woman in the office talks to herself about her life being an office lady and a mum, and she thinks her life is kind of hard as she has to fulfill 2 roles instead of men who just need to focus on work.  In the commercial, you can understand how difficult it is as a working mum, and how life it is after work.


Child-care problem, men responsibilities about taking care of kids, and  some other workplace issues in Japan are the ones we can understand more by watching these commercials.


Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

What do you think about this after watching it ? leave your comments below, and share the video if you like it ^^



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