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9 Hidden rules in red light district in Japan


  1. “無料 ” in Japanese means free, but it is only free for introducing girls to you. There is no free lunch in the world.


2. In Japan, Yakuza is not illegal. it is estimated to earn over $6 billion a year from drugs, protection, loan-sharking, real-estate rackets and even, it is said, Japan’s stock exchange. … And yet membership of the yakuza—as Japan’s crime syndicates are known—is not technically illegal.(Source from Wiki)

Watch it om youtube here/


3. Sex intercourse is illegal in Japan, but it only bans from putting penis into vagina. Other services such as Blow job or Hand job are allowed for business.


4. As sex business is not illegal in Japan, many businesses are doing online services as well. You can book your girl by online.

watch it onyoutube here.


5. In Japan’s fuzoku industry, many front-line staff are low-educated and can only speak Japanese. They kind of fear of chatting with foreigners.hence, many fuzokus don’t serve foreigners.

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.


6. You are charged per hour staying at a brothel, and the hourly rate depends on the quality and the demand of a girl, and the reputation of Fuzoku. The rate is usually 15000 yen for one hour.


7. In Kabukicho, many Chinese students who work there may be more than the local Japanese girls, as many want to make money to support their school fees. Besides, those Chinese students can speak almost prefect Japanese.  If you want to find a Japanese girl, you have to know how to distinguish the accents.

8. There is a hidden rule in this industry that girls only provide sex service to customers, and can’t have real love relationship to ruin their customers’ families.

9. They don’t welcome Chinese customers, as the Chinese tourists are too rule to the girls, and demand too much that many Japanese sex workers cant put up with them.

6 Japanese commercials about working women in Japan

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Watch it on youtube here!

Watch it on here.





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