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Fukuoka Love Story: Miyu-chan

Miyu and I were living at the same dormitory at Muromi, and we encountered each other many times during breakfast and dinner time, but we hadn’t chatted with each other till one day she and I were riding a bike at Odo park at the same time.


Odo Park:


When I met her at the park somewhere, I said konichiwa to her actively, and she responded me by saying “ Hi, how are you ?” in fluent English. Then our conversation started.


She was a  second year student of one women university in Fukuoka, Majoring in English. She dreamed of becoming a Japanese teacher, working in Australia. She and Aya also wanted to stay in Australia. I was wondering if there was any big charming point from Australia that attracted so many Fukuoka girls who wanted to stay there for a while. She was like one of the members of Nogizaka 46, Ito Junna.



She also liked riding her bike alone, sitting at the bench at Odo park, watching the sea aimlessly. During her junior and high school stage, she was the member of basketball club and won the champion of inter-school competitions in Kyushu; but she didn’t watch “Slam Dunk”, the famous basketball anime which was famous in Asia. 

Slam Dunk:




We has a long, happy chat at the park, exchanged Line no. but I didn’t have any intention to have her to be my girlfriend, as she was just 19; and I was 29. I didn’t think a 19 year old girl would fall in love with a guy who was 10  years older than her. Besides, I was just falling in love with Joni, who studied in England right now. I was tried of any relationship but just wanted to have a break.

It was a pleasant experience to chat with her by learning some new stuff such as Japanese slang words and Japanese culture, so we usually cycled together to Odo park and had lunch together. ( Miyu usually prepared a club sandwich for me as well.


We also did language exchange every Sunday at the park, talking a wide range of topics in Japanese and English. It was good to have her to be my language exchange partner as she could explain some complicated Japanese grammars for me in English, and she always laughed at my way of Japanese speaking like a child.


One day, she told me she dated one Korean guy who was 26, and he approached her while she was working at a restaurant, by giving her a piece of letter to invite her to have dinner together. She told me she was happy to have a guy inviting her for a date , as Japanese guys seldom talked to a girl actively. She went on a date with the Korean guy and he claimed he fell in love with her when he first saw her, but he would come back to Seoul 2 weeks later, and he promised he would visit Miyu from time to time.


Fukuoka and South Korea are very close.



Personally, I thought this guy just wanted to sleep with Miyu, but I was not 100% sure about his intention, so I didn’t tell Miyu about what I thought. As if you want to have a good relationship, you won’t get a romantic partner whom you can’t meet always.  


Also, Miyu was not okay to be a girlfriend of this guy. She felt stressful when she received this Korean guy’s messages, as he wrote a long piece of message every time before he sent, and always texted her continuously before she replied. She couldn’t stand it, as she also needed to spend many time in her study and work.


I could tell this guy was desperate to have her before going back to Korea for some reasons.


One month later, this Korean guy made a new girlfriend in Korea.


Miyu was still looking for a boyfriend, but it was hard for her to find one in Japan, as she was 170cm tall. Miyu told me Japanese men generally cared about the image of girls especially the height. If they choose a partner who is taller than them, it makes them look bad in public.


Something gained , something lost. At least I was the one who benefited the most that I had a cute girl cycling with me every Sunday while living in Muromi.

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Photo: http://akb48.wikia.com/wiki/Ito_Junna



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