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Anna Konno on her new release of DVD: “My breasts were in perfect form during photo-shooting”

Watch it on youtube by here.

Since 27/5, the New Japanese idol DVD , “Anna is falling in love with you” (アンナあなたに恋をして) is available for sale on the internet, and she said she was confident about her latest release which would get a good response from fans.

Anna Konno(今野杏南), born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 27, was famous for her slender body and G cup breasts. In 2016, she made a video about eating spicy noodles which made her T shirt all sweat, and that video went viral on the internet. ( Asian men like to watch girls with this sort of reaction…kind of weird, though)


The photo-shooting was done in Thailand.  The story is about Anna acting as fresh police officer who has to investigate some cases. As she falls in love with her senior in the story, she wears different sorts of sexy dresses, in order to seduce her senior.  Below are some of the scenes you could watch from the DVD.



She mentioned while doing photo-shooting for this project, she saw the largest moth in the world in Thailand . As she was scared of any insect, she couldn’t focus on her work, and the photo-shooting had to be postponed for one hour till the moth flew away.

Next month will be the birthday for Anna, and she hopes she will work harder to be a more mature women when she becomes 28.

Brithday: 15th June, 1989
Size :T156 B86 W59 H83
Blood type:A
Place of birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hobby: reading  romance novel and drawing

Watch it on youtube by here.



Watch it on youtube by clicking here.


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