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“When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead ” will be made into a movie


We are living in the age full of ideas,and a good idea can make a killing. Recently, one little story from Yahoo Japan in 2010 will be made into a movie.

In 2010, there was a big news in Yahoo Japan that , kkajunsky, one Japanese netizen, told others about his wife pretending to be dead , every day when he came back home.

⇓⇓⇓ Below is the post written by  kkajunsky, who wife made fun of him by pretending to be killed or commit suicide.


(Photo from the internet)

It has sparked big discussion on the internet, and many have produced songs, video clips and even made it into Manga about kkajunsky’s story There are many ways to pretend to die, to scare your romantic partners.  よりぬきほぼ日Pさん, one Japanese musician,  has made a music video about kkajunsky’s story. some of the scenes are below:





Of the movie, Nana Eikura will play the role for being a wife who pretends to kill herself everyday, and Ken Yasuda will act as a calm husband who sees his wife doing these crazy things.  The movie is expected to be shown at Japanese cinema in the spring in 2018.

Many Japanese netizens have left the positive comments about kkajunsky’s wife who wants to make kkajunsky happy ,and ease his stress from work  by doing something unusual. Many Japanese netizens also praise kkajunsky’s wife by saying “she is very cute and considerate”. For the post kkajunsky talks about this weird family issue, it has accumulated  4 millions of views and 2000 comments.

kkajunsky told the media he couldn’t believe such a small family issue could be turned into a movie, and he has become shy of facing his wife. But he was happy that his relationship with his wife become more and more intimate.

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Watch it on youtube here 


Photo: from youtube


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