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Stunning Dragon Ball paper fighting scenes, made by Japanese paper artist

It is very awesome to see the Japanese artist, しんらしんげ, to make the fighting scene between Goku and Vegeta alive, by just using paper, instead of using some complicated technology.



First, Goku released his ace technique, kamehameha, to Vegeta.


Vegeta was like Gohan who  forgot to dodge…


The prince of all saiyans could not let himself lose so easily against Goku, and powered up, but unfortunately he still couldn’t become SuperSaiyan 3…


The artist even recorded this fighting scene, only by his smartphone, and I think this scene is as good as Dragon ball super.



You may watch the whole video and see how awesome it is!


Really hope that the artist would make more fighting scenes about Dragon ball such as ultimate Gohan VS Buu  or Goku VS Hit.






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