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Rena Takeda fell in love with Takahiro Miura at Grand cinema (the latest Ad)

Since yesterday, the latest ad, about selling the RPG game ” For you, the Alchemist exists”, acted by Rena takeda can be watched on you-tube. Rena acted as a part-time staff at the grand cinema, cleaning the floor and other ad-hoc stuff, and Miura Takahiro inherited the job from his dad and worked as cinema projectionist.


Miura Takahiro followed his dad’s path and worked as cinema projectionist.


Rena liked to enjoy her ice-cream alone after finishing her work.


After eating her ice-cream, she liked to stay there to watch movies. And she showed different expressions while watching different scenes.




Finally, Miura still continued his work as he wanted to see a happy face from Rena, and this was the only motivation for him to keep up the work.



It is a pleasant experience to watch Japanese ads that you do not feel them selling you something, but telling you a story that can touch you.

What Japanese ads do you like? leave your comment below and share with us.^^



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