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NHK journalist tried maid-gym

I think many of you heard about the crowdfunding project called “Maidgym”, where there are some girls wearing a maid costume and acting like an instructor to help you with your exercise in gym room. Due to the rising popularity, the NHK journalist also tried the maidgym by himself and saw how good it was. Let’s see what happen in the program.

One good thing about doing exercise in maidgym is that your instructor would cheer you up by calling you ” master”.



One of the star instructor called ” Meru” is famous about her teaching, and she taught some ways of doing exercise in a gym room in a TV program as well.





For me, it is kind of embarrassing to do exercise near those pretty girls.  But for some people, it may be a impetus to stay healthy and fit. They may squander tons of money, though.

部分資料來自網路 ( MAIDGYMzakzak )




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