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The oldest Japanese DJ, Sumiko Iwamur

We always think the old people have nothing to do except reading newspaper for hours in the morning, and watching TV at night. In Japan, old people are not only working force, but awesome working force that always do something unbelievable, and the young people like us shall learn from them.  Sumiko Iwamuro is one of the good examples.

Sumiko Iwamuro is working for her Chinese restaurant  in daytime,



but she becomes a DJ at night in a club called ” Decabar” located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Her fans are not at her age, but tons of young people who are charmed by Sumiko’s spirit and energetic style.


The first time Sumiko became a DJ was at her son’s birthday party, and she fell in love with it after trying to play with a disc. She took a year to learn the technique to become a professional DJ in the music school, and now her dream is to play her music in New York.

It seems there would be more and more amazing Japanese old people we would see in the news, due to the lack of manpower that they can’t retire so early. But the Japanese senior seems to tell us that age is just a number. Yes, we shall follow our heart and pursue our dream even though we are getting old.





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