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Pretty Japanese chess-player, was once said as looking like a man when she was 15

Life sometimes surprises you a lot. Some people you met when you were in high school were not charming and beautiful, but turning to another person when you meet them again after a couple of years. It happens on  Ai Kagawa who looked very boyish at the age of 15. Below is the photo of her when she was 15.


But now she is 24 and completely like a woman, nope, is a pretty and cute girl who is famous among Japanese boys.









Some Japanese netizens are surprised with her big change, and many said, ” It is important to know about doing make-up.”

Now she is famous and it is hard to win her heart so easily. So, remember to treat some girls who are not pretty nicely, and one day she may be more beautiful than you could imagine, if she knows the proper way to do make-up!


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