Japanese idols

General Japanese voice-actors are extremely underpaid

It is a pleasant experience to listen to anime voice from Japanese voice actors who speak very sweet and cute. But in Japanese voice acting industry, many of the voice-actors can’t make both ends meet and have to do other part-time jobs for a living.  Tsuda Minami ,つだ みなみ, talked about the hardship in the industry, in the TV program called, ” 佳代子の部屋” which is Japanese adult program at nighttime.

⇓⇓⇓It is a program full of sexy girls as a backdrop.


Tsuda Minami has voice-acted some of the famous anime such as:

Yuruyuri ( ゆるゆり)





Now let me summarize what Tsuda said in the interview.

As a freshman working in Japanese voice-acting industry, no matter how many lines you say, you can only receive around 15000 yen, or 135 US dollars for one program.

Besides, voice-actors make way more money by working for a video game company, instead of voice-acting some famous anime. Unlike the voice-acting anime industry which is said to have fixed salary for everyone, video game companies usually offer better salaries, way higher than anime studios, and many voice-actors make additional income by being a voice-actor for a character of some famous games.


One interesting point Tsuda mentioned is that many commercial /public announcements in Japan are done by anime voice-actors.

But what Tsuda loves the most is to help promote Pachinko machine on the anime program, and the salary for saying those promotional line for pachinko stuff is way higher than working in a video game company or anime studio.


Well, it seems it is hard for any actor in Japan to make good income unless they are famous. Just good luck to all of them.

Source: https://news.gamme.com.tw/1498053


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