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The reality of Japanese underground idols

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Japan is the country full of idol groups, and obviously the supply of idols is way over the demand. However, some of the young girls do not want to give up their dream to be the next AKB48 easily, and become an underground idol, so as to get a chance to become a member of some big model agencies. Some estimate that 80% of the girl idol groups are the underground ones.

The most special feature of the underground idols is their “after concert” activity. If fans are willing to pay enough money, some idols are even willing to take some photos beyond the standard of ordinary people. The below are some of the photos.

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

⇓⇓⇓The idol was willing to show her breasts, with the cover of her hands, to satisfy her fans’ desire. I am wondering if it is a good way to build up a positive reputation if she wants to become the next AKB in future.


⇓⇓⇓ One man even requested the idol to step on his face. Well, I respect everyone’s will, but what’s the point of a photo without showing your face.



Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

It seems it is hard to please the fans in Japan, if the girls don’t do some “crazy” acts for fulfilling their desires. I can’t see the trend about taking this sort of photo that would stop, due to the increase of single men in Japan. Of course, not every single man is like that. If you did take some crazy photos with some underground models, just tell me secretly. or Share them with us, haha. See you next time.


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