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Japanese underground models “slept” with their fans

Japanese underground models are in boom recently. Many of the young girls, even kids,  want to be the next AKB48, and they use every possible way to win their fan’s heart. Some actions have sparked some controversy over this island country, though.

It is the underground model team called ” Hauptharmonie “, who was okay to take some photos to fulfill their fans’ wish, if their fans bought the enough amount of CDs , in exchange of the ticket to meet them. Let’s see some of the fans’ photos with Hauptharmonie.


⇓⇓⇓This photo has sparked a controversy in Japan, as the idol “slept” with her fan with biting a condom… Wait, I remember this idol may not be over 18…


⇓⇓⇓This one is about the idol “sleeping” with 2 fans for a photo. Actually, I think the model agency had prepared a bed in advance, in order to draw some eye-balls from general public..


⇓⇓⇓Some fans like to be “tortured” by their dream girl. It is kind of opposite to the general masculine image of Japanese men.


⇓⇓⇓ This one is about one fan pretending to kiss the idol. Sorry that there are so many underground models, I cant remember their names..



Have you been to a  hand-shaking event and taken a photo with some underground models. Share some views on the comment section below. See you next time.

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