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Tips for practicing Japanese speaking when you are not in Japan

It is easy to say one can improve his/her Japanese by staying in Japan for a period of time, but not everyone is so lucky that can go to Japan for study.( many do not learn Japanese in Japan seriously, though) Hence, I now offer 2 tips to practice your Japanese at a cost-effective way.

First, for language learning, I always think learning alone is not a good way, at least NOT an efficient way, as you need someone to POINT OUT  your mistakes immediately in order to improve it quickly, and it is kind of hard, especially in the beginning, to discover self-made mistakes easily. That’s why you need a teacher/tutor. However, many of the Japanese teachers just follow the textbook and do not spot out your mistakes instantly or just teach something within the textbook in order not to make any mistake, or this is the instruction from the teaching center. Of course, I think it is part of the culture that Japanese people won’t tell your mistakes openly.

Tip 1: Use minnanonihongo speaking-training story book

Hence, I would like to recommend you to practice with the below books which are called “minnanonihongo speaking-training story book”. The good thing about this pair of books is to include so many of the pictures related to ordinary situations in Japan, and you can talk about them with your tutors and ask them to correct you immediately if you make any mistake. If the tutor is not good at telling your mistakes instantly, you can ask them to do the correct examples for you, according to the pictures, and you can learn from his/her correct examples. Of course, the pictures, in my opinion, are quite cute.





Tip 2: speak Japanese constantly with a Japanese speaker everyday (with low budget) 

Personally, I do not believe any star tutor of Japanese to help you improve your language skills quickly, but believe in constant practice. However, constant practice with a tutor requires many money, so I like to recommend japatalk , in which one lesson just costs 390 yen at the minimum price, which you can practice the language always, with a native Japanese speaker. Many of them are housewives but worked in a school as a teacher before, that must have enough teaching experience to help you with your language.

Another point about this website is there are many tutors available as some of them are not good at teaching, or not fitting with your learning style, or if you rely on one tutor for learning too much, in case he/she raises the price, it may hurt your wallet. That’s why it is better to learn with at least 2 tutors at the same time, in order to keep practice constantly in case one of them suddenly quit his/her teaching job.


Yes, just 2 tips. I always think you do not need to have many tips, but just the useful and effective ones. Hope you like this article, and always stay tuned with Yabaipost. I am Andy, see you again very soon^^.

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