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Hong Kong kid challenged Anpanman wakuwaku crane game, or “rage game “

It is fun to see kids playing games, especially Anpanman crane game which is quite famous among kids over the world. But for one Hong Kong kid, Parco, viewed the opposite.

First, he identified the game as “rage game” as he thought people would get angry easily during the game, for the reason that it is hard to take an egg from the inside. Let’s see how Parco played it !!
⇓⇓⇓No Surprise. This crane game is easy. And it is also not a surprise for Parco to take a ball without any challenge. But it seemed he was not satisfied with one ball.
⇓⇓⇓He went creepy and pushed some of the balls with his fingers though the back door ! What a kid!!
⇓⇓⇓At the second round, Parco carelessly missed it, even himself couldn’t  believe that it had happened on him !
His pride was hurt! really hurt! he kept hitting the sofa. I felt sorry for the sofa…
And Parco went mad and lost his patience and decided to steal all the balls from the backdoor!
It seems it is fun to watch Parco playing games, but it is sort of difficult to play with him as he may go desperate and does something which surprises you, and ruins your day. But I believe you will have a nice day after watching his funny video.
Besides, you may watch another video about Parco, like below:

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