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Ways used by Japanese university students to deal with homesickness(Survey)


Suffering from homesickness is nothing special for university students who first time live alone and deal with tons of trivial stuff by themselves without the help from their parents. Some miss the time living with their parents and want to go back to the past, but you have to move on in life in order to be a mature individual. For Japanese university students, what do they do to deal with homesickness ? My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi interviewed 401 Japanese university students about their ways to relieve their homesickness by themselves. Those maybe the good references for you as well if you are in the same situation right now.

Watching TV
Many chose to watch TV, as a way to get distracted from the screen which keeps talking about interesting stuff. I think it is the effective way in Japan as there are tons of channels with a variety of programs that won’t bore you. But just be careful about the volume as a wall of flat in Japan is quite thin that is easy to be heard of from your TV box that your neighbours may feel disturbed.

Of course, it is better to watch TV with someone rather than alone.


Listening to music
” I can’t feel calm without sound at home” a female third year student said calmly. It is true that total silence at home is kind of horrible for many young people who have no rich experience in coping with loneliness. Besides, listening to music is good to relax after long hours of study and part-time work. Just bear in mind that listening to your favourite music by earphone, for the wall of apartment in Japan is super thin!

Call your parents
Perhaps, the best way not to miss someone is to see her/him. To apply this theory, occasionally calling your parents and telling them your difficulties/happiness is a way to regain your energy in short time. It is hard to abruptly step into an adult stage. Sometimes, a comfort zone is needed in order to get through an increasing amount of challenges ahead of you.

Cooking is a two-way sword. It takes time to make a good meal from choosing ingredients to combining them delicately, not to mention washing all the dishes after enjoying your food. That’s a good way to get focus in making something, instead of thinking about the good life with your parents. However, it is easy to miss the delicious food prepared by your parents who did everything for you that you could concentrate on your study in your junior and high school life. Hence, if you were taken good care of by your parents, it is better to avoid cooking by yourself.

Decorate your flat with photos
“I place my family letters and photos on the wall that gives me a feeling that I am not alone” the 20-year-old female respondent suggested. It is also a two-edged sword that either giving you a warm feeling or making you feel more upset by seeing your parents’ faces but you can’t see them in real life.

⇓⇓⇓Kirby, you are a good buddy for lonely folks!


Develop a hobby
” I like to collect all the goods about Kirby! They are cute and I feel great when I see them,” the female vocational school student said cheerfully. To have a new hobby or keep doing your favourite stuff, I think it is way more effective than any methods such as cooking or decorating your flat with family photos which you may feel sad while thinking about your good days with your family.
What’s your way to cope with homesickness? Are your ways like Japanese university students or different ? Share your thought on the comment section below!

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