Japanese Survey

Top worries from Japanese university students after graduation, according to the survey

Adult life is tough in the eyes of Japanese young people, as they have to face endlesely unpleasant facts such as working overtime, social pension, tax issue…etc, which they cannot duck . Each country has its own problems, and for Japanese university students who are pessimistic about their future, according to My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi which polled 401 Japanese university students about what they worry about after graduation.

Let’s see the top four worries the interviewees in Japan have now !

Declining birth rate
As I mentioned before, adult life is tough, particularly having a kid who may increase your burden financially. That’s not easy to change a new job anymore if you have to shoulder a family. However, It is kind of sad to say that we are living in the age which requires life-long learning and adapt change. Perhaps, due to these reasons, young people in Japan refuse to have a kid, in order to maintain their current living standard, and have more fixability for their career planning.


Overtime work
With plenty of news about a young female worker in Dentsu committing suicide due to overtime work, the issue of Karoshi has been brought back to the table for discussion, even the government plans to implement the law of maximum working hours, so as to cool down the public outcry. However, Japanese valuing work over everything has been a long history, and it is not easy to change the culture in the short period of time. Besides, as a big company like Dentsu, its employees are required to work like a dog, not to mention other small and medium -sized companies which lack human and financial resource may need their staff working way longer than what you can imagine.

The Dentsu employee committed suicude due to excessive workloads.

It is lucky to work in a big company like Toyota, HEC…etc, which offers a life-long contract that can secure your economic stability that you can do more life planning such as marriage, or others. However, many of young people also have to work in a sweatshop which forces their workers to work overtime in an undesirable working condition. ” Well-educated and intelligent Japanese usually work overseas,”the third-year student said. It may suggest many of young Japanese try to avoid working in the island which is famous for its strict and plenty of rules in a normal company.

National Debt
Japan ‘s national debt is super high. With the recent news about the rise of consumption tax, and the inevitable trend of deflation, it seems Japanese university students worry about the value of money which may not have big purchasing power anymore. More importantly, they may be required to pay higher tax for the purpose of sharing the burden of aging population.


Other issues like frequent national disasters, are also on the list. Plus, in the era of the common use of smart-phone, more and more folks are addicted to using smart-phone all day long, at the cost of their time for studying; and of providing high quality of work.

Life is tough for everyone, after leaving a comfort zone like campus. Although we know the reality sucks, I still hope the Japanese youth don’t lose hope in life, and try their best in pursuing for happiness. Sometimes, a good life doesn’t mean you have to live in Japan, though.









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