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Okay sign for Japanese girls who want to meet you again after first date

I ‘m always asked by some of my Asian mates how one can tell a Japanese lady who wants to see you again after a first date. Many of them said they had a good experience with a girl in their first date, and she said a lot of nice things in the time of dating which seemed a positive sign of  having a good impression on them, but ended up failing to meet again, unfortunately. So as to know more about what Japanese ladies think about this issue , Livedoor news polled some ladies about the sign/action they would do if they wished to see the guy again.

⇓⇓⇓ “I will tell him I was happy with the date by Line message very quickly, after we depart” the Tokyo girl said. It makes sense that if a girl is fond of you, she will contact you quickly and actively, instead of slowly and passively.


⇓⇓⇓ Second came from the vocational school student in Hokkaido saying that she would send a quick line message to a guy she has a crush on, by saying something like “I was happy today and thank you so much”. But after that, in the hope of hiding her romantic feeling on him, she would deliberately be slow to reply, though.


⇓⇓⇓ “When will we meet next time” is a phrase indicating that you successfully win the heart from your date if she says this to you, according to the Osaka girl who shared her rich experience in dating.


⇓⇓⇓“Let’s drink next time” “next time let’s go there” are the indicators suggested by the respondent in Okinawa who used for implying to  her dates if she wanted a next meet-up. It is understandable that Japanese girls are submissive that they don’t take a leading role to ask men out, but wait for their targets for issuing an invitation , with some hints provided.


⇓⇓⇓ “I will talk in the detailed way about what we do next time” explained by the student in Aoimori who refused to communicate vaguely if she had a crush on a guy. Yes, it is also  common in Japan to hear “let’s do it next time” “let’s meet next time” which, in some sense, imply ” we won’t meet again”, except giving out a detailed date and time for the next gathering.


⇓⇓⇓ The nurse in Fukuoka said she would take an active role for the arrangement of next time’s gathering. Interestingly, Her senior was shocked with her answer by saying ” I couldn’t imagine  I would invite men for going out in my young age”.


Perhaps, a detailed reply from your date is a key to know if she is really into you or not, particularly in the island full of super nice languages.

Source and photos: Livedoor news

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