Japanese Survey

Do Japanese girls buy “ladies first” ?

Many ladies and men in western and some Asian countries think being ladies first, in some sense, is a way to show men respecting women.  Japanese women, though, hold their views towards this etiquette a bit differently. If you think you are a 100% natural gentleman and you can win the heart from Japanese ladies easily, you may be disillusioned by this interview done by Livedoors news which polled some Japanese ladies if being “ladies first” to them was necessary. Let’s see all the highlights of the interview now!

⇓⇓ Starting off from the Osaka girls who are in favor of men being “ladies first” to them such as opening door. They love the guys performing this western manner causally, and consider it is one of the good ways to care about girls.


⇓⇓  Next one may disappoint some western men who consider themselves having an edge with knowing what is “ladies first”. The 2 students from Aoimori both said they didn’t need this by providing the reason that they didn’t get used to it and didn’t understand why men performed this. We have to know that Japan is still a collective society that on one wants to stand out of the crowd.  Any manner different from normal Japanese men would be considered as weird or kind of negatively different from ordinary people.


⇓⇓  Another lady first camp, from Hakata, was happy to see men showing attentiveness to them. They said they would treat the guy better if they were treated equally.


⇓⇓  Another respondent from Okinawa, working as shop staff, thought it was necessary and always wanted guys being “ladies first”.  “That’s what makes a foreigner attractive,” explained by the Okinawa lady who verbally hurt his friend/boyfriend/husband next to her. I know you western camp is feeling happy now…even though you don’t admit this to me.


⇓⇓  Now 3: 1. For western power, please don’t be happy first. The office worker in Sapporo said she personally didn’t need this, for she personally appreciated a traditional Japanese woman 3 steps behind her man, to show her graceful and reserved characters in public.


⇓⇓ “Being “ladies first” is not popular in Japan. I want my guy treating me nice, but I do not need him to perform this etiquette anytime” said by the university students in Tokyo, who precisely told the guys adapting the culture is way more important than performing some foreign etiquettes which are way different from the majority of people.


End up the result is 3:3. Although we can’t tell which way is more advantageous, it is still a good read for you guys to know what Japanese girls want. Anyway, do you think being ladies first is useful for getting a Japanese girlfriend? Share your thought with me on the comment section below!

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Watch it on youtube here now ! 


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