Why Jpop can’t sell well outside Japan


Sometimes, I want to share some Japanese music with my friends outside Japan, yet I usually get a response by saying” this music video is not available outside Japan.” It is kind of hard to understand why Japanese government and a great deal of Japanese companies always claim to export Japanese cultural products over all the world, on the other hand, tons of regulations exist in order to prevent the best products, in the eyes of some Japanese companies, from selling out to other Asian and Western markets. Jpop is one of the good examples to see how a good product can’t be sold well out of Japan.

Recently, a band member of QuruliS,Shigeru Kishida, shared his latest music video on his twitter, so as to let the world listen to his new music, but received a kind of sarcastic response below:

“please ask your record company to make this available in America!”

Yes, his music videos cant be watched out of Japan. He is not an exceptional case, though. In face, except some big name musicians, the voice from tons of budding musicians in Japan can’t be heard thanks to some rules decided by Google, according to Jun Tanaka.

Jun Tanaka, Japanese singer-songwriter and producer, also shared his views towards this issue by writing in English:

“MVs from Japanese major labels aren’t available to watch from some foreign countries. (America, Australia and so on). You can’t watch them if your country isn’t Japan. Most Japanese people don’t know this fact. I also didn’t know it. I don’t think that it’s better for Google to decide the world’s rules. But the Japanese entertainment industry barely has any internet media compared to overseas. That’s why Japanese artists have to be just domestic even in this era.”

“What are overseas fans doing to hear Japanese music? They can’t buy digital music from iTunes Japan, Amazon Japan MP3, watch MVs on Youtube, etc., so their only choice is to purchase from expensive online stores or turn to piracy.”

The whole version: http://www.gentouki.com/blog/161030/

The success of Pikotaro is mainly due to his music videos available to be watched on Youtube all over the world, but not in Japan only. If Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen could be only viewed in the island country, Taro probably would have no chance to team up with Justin Bieber for this Softbank advertisement.


While we can’t watch the latest MV from Higeru Kishida, let’s watch the old one, Amber Colored City, The Morning of The Shanghai Crab, instead!

Source: Japhub


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