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Thanks to Google, a red light district in Osaka can be clearly seen online

6 Japanese commercials reflecting working life of working women in Japan 

Watch it on Youtube here

⇓⇓⇓ The girl wearing a nurse costume can be clearly seen online, thanks to google map, although the sign near the door shows that any visitor shall not take any photo for privacy reason.



It is discovered by a Japanese netizen, named “2ch” who points out the whole scene in Tobita Shinchi has been clearly photographed by Google, and the shops and the girls who dressed sexily inside can be clearly seen. As the red light district is not frequently visited by tourist, and every visitor is banned from photographing, lots of photos available on the internet were secretly photographed, but this time Google does it explicitly.

Brothel operating in the name of restaurant 

⇓⇓⇓Tobita Shinchi is located in the Sanno 3-chōme area of Nishinari-ku, Osaka. You can see a big signboard called “Tobita Shinchi food set” near the entrance of the red-light area. In 1985, after the law of prostitution banned bill (売春防止法/ばいしゅんぼうしほう) was passed in the congress, a swarm of brothels closed, but some of them have hid inside the old houses, still operating by providing sex service in the name of restaurant.


This is a grey area described by lots of local Japanese, as Nishinari-ku is a slum area. According to Sankei News in 2012, there are 150 “restaurants” in Tobita Shinchi, and 400 sex workers are on duty.


watch it on youtube by clicking here.

All the ladies are from Osaka, and the service charged 20000 yen for half an hour 

⇓⇓⇓A Hong Kong netizen posted a photo about the menu price list of the restaurant. Each time a customer has to enjoy at least 20 minutes service, and it is charged by 21000 yen for the half an hour service. If you want to extend 10 minute, you have to pay 10000 yen each time, for the extension. ( It is easy to make money from men…)For all the ladies are Osaka people, it may imply that it is hard for outsiders to step into this market and work over there.

Do you know the hidden rules in red light district in Japan? Click here to know more !


Source: HK01

Photos from google map


Why burumā disappears in gym class ?

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.


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