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Trains in Hokkaido reveals the prefecture is still in difficulty

Hokkaido is a very big place with not so many populations. Most of the business activities are located in Sapporo, which is the capital city of Hokkaido prefecture. Other areas in Hokkaido are not often visited by local residents and tourists. not to mention trades.  In winter time, trains have to stop service due to heavy show, resulting in low revenues generated from railway service.

Nori, a twitter user, helps us know another side of Hokkaido , which is not described by media as a romantic place for couples, but a poor area that even the painting on train can not be done thanks to no budget. The twitter user states it is his first time to see a train looking so rundown and some layouts have come off without painting back.

“At first I think it is a design of the train, but I am wrong. It is a reality in Hokkaido.

The above one is not an exceptional case. another twitter user, Kojipa, mentions many trains are pretty weary as well.

Train is still a necessary in Hokkaido, and even the symbol of humanity, in some sense. A few years ago, there was one train station operated for one high-school student only , who was the only student in the village that needed train service to commute to school. The train service stopped after she graduated from her high school, and moved to the city for her university life.

We need this humanity to last long, even forever, instead of thinking in a way to place profit at first. Perhaps next time, when we travel to Hokkaido, we shall take a train for our whole journey, as a way to support Hokkaido residents, especially kids and students who can go to school without any worry.

Source: Japhub


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