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Interview asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date

YouTube channel, Livedoor News asked some Japanese women about what professions they don’t want to date. The result may be a bit surprising to you. Now let’s dive into the interview to know what they are concerned about!
⇓⇓⇓”I don’t like my boyfriend always touching other women’s hair. When he touches me, I feel like I am his customer” explained by the female university student in Osaka who doesn’t like his date working as beautician, who is considered as social butterfly by her.


⇓⇓⇓” I have an impression on policemen who do lots of bad things” speculated by the woman, working as shop staff in Aoimori prefecture. Obviously, she doesn’t like his date working as policeman, given with the reason that she has watched lots of dramas about policemen doing evil things inside the TV box which has left her an unerasable negative image.


⇓⇓⇓The Okinawa girl , working in a hat shops, offers a list of jobs which are banned. First, she doesn’t want her date on duty at night, for there is a sort of bad image in her mind. Second, being a company director is not fine as well, as a rich person generally is not serious about a romantic relationship. Last but not least, even one of the stable jobs in Japan, teacher, is also not okay. She frets a teacher boyfriend has a lot of strong convictions, and treats her like a student by telling her what’s right, and what’s wrong and those are the stuff she dislike the most.


⇓⇓⇓The high school girls in Hokkaido also don’t like her dates serving for the profession of teacher. ” Teachers look very serious towards every matter, and they may be mad so easily by some trivial stuff such as I don’t follow his way of planning,” added by the cute high school students who seem to tell us what their high school teachers like.


⇓⇓⇓Women love men to cook for them occasionally. It doesn’t mean they like them doing it professionally, though. ” I don’t want my date working as food industry worker” said by the office worker, based in Fukuoka. She thinks they may not have any free time for dating, due to irregular long hours of work in a restaurant. The Hakata lady also mentions high salary is not a deal-breaker to be her potential boyfriend.


⇓⇓⇓The nurses in Tokyo dislike her date working as doctor which is perceived as a profession with high financial stability. ” While doctors are knowledgeable, they are very prideful and always judge people’s decision” explained by both nurses who are required to work with doctors everyday, and sound like uncomfortable to have a doctor boyfriend who may judge them in their private time.


While financial stability is one of the criteria for girls to select their boyfriends, it seems nowadays Japanese women prefer a man who can allocate more time in dating, respect them and be more easygoing.

All the photos from YouTube

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