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Japanese university students are shy about asking shop staff directly by showing Instagram photo, according to the survey

When it comes to shopping, men hold the different attitude towards women. Men tend to be practical by displaying the photos to shop staff in order to get wanted product as quick as possible. but, female may want to enjoy the process of shopping, and stay in a shopping mall for a couple of hours, even without buying anything.

Well, let’s go back to today’s main topic! I quite like Japanese survey websites which always conduct a lot of interviews for some trivial stuff which we may miss. This time, My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi did an interesting survey though polling 404 female university students about whether they will show the photos from Instagram for getting their targeted goods. As we know, it has become very popular to upload some beautiful photos and goods on IG, but the research team wanted to know deeper if it is a trend for female university students in Japan making use of IG photos in the process of shopping.


Surprisingly, most of them, more than 87% of the respondents, preferred finding out their wanted goods on their own, whereas only around 12 % of the survey takers went for the direct way by showing IG photo to a shopkeeper.

According to the survey, showing a photo straightforwardly is the most simple way to tell what they want, and avoid any trouble in explanation. Followed with the reason that it can be quicker to finish shopping with the display of photo from IG, which is considered as a convenient way by the group of 50 survey takers who like being direct in terms of this activity.

However, more than 80 % of female students claimed they are shy for this direct way. Instead, the university students would rather look for their favorite goods by themselves, and try them first, before making a purchase decision. It is worth to note that it is kind of embarrassing for them to ask for clothes or other thing else from shop staff directly, and end up not buying it, for not making trouble to others is one of the Japanese cultures, even though they are in the position of being customers. Plus, some of them said they enjoy the process of hanging around in a mall and some even haven’t thought of this photo-showing way in shopping time.

How about you? Do you prefer contacting a staff directly, or like to look for it slowly by yourselves? Share your thought below!

Photo: https://www.pakutaso.com/20170125024post-10115.html


Source:My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi 


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