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Do Japanese girls buy the second time of love confession?

kokuhakuこくはく(告白), literally means “confession”, is an important event in Japan that you declare your feeling your date and asks her to be your official girlfriend. Of course, it is usually done by men instead of women. From what I know, it is quite common young people confess their love after a few times of dating, as your relationship hasn’t technically started unless you profess your love to her. But, how about your ideal Japanese girl turning your down in the beginning?

Shall you give up instantly and move on, or work harder a bit to show you are serious about her? Particularly Japanese girls are perceived as being shy and loves to see action more than sweet words. To understand their thought in this matter better, Livedoor News asked some Japanese girls about whether their hearts are indeed softened if their dates profess their love feeling to them the second time after the first time of rejection.

⇓⇓⇓Beginning with the 2 female students in Fukuoka who said they may accept the man confessing to them the second time, for they can tell the man being serious about them. It is like my girlfriend rejecting to hold my hand in public at the first time, but she was okay after me a couple of attempts.


⇓⇓⇓Followed by the clerk living in Aoimori said she will comprehend a man a way better if he utters “Sukidesu” the second time, for he doesn’t give up so easily by cruel rejection; and she can be more confident about the guy she dates. Plus, the Amomori girl thinks men confessing love the second time are a potentially kind person without bad attempt.(really ? )


⇓⇓⇓The Osaka girls offered another totally opposite view in contrast to the above’s. They don’t buy the second time of confession by saying “it is non-sense.” The hot girls both hold the view that just one time of kokuhaku is well enough, if they are also in love with the guy.


⇓⇓⇓Next are the female university students in Hokkaido who share different views on this issue. the hat-wearing girl thinks the opportunity to win girl’s heart will rise by the strong attempt from a guy to do Kokuhaku the second time. On the other hand, the other, on the right side, doesn’t believe the chance to become an official lover will soar if the man fails at the first time. Sadly, they didn’t offer a reason, though.


⇓⇓⇓The beautiful housewives in Okinawa both said they may buy it, in the condition that the man also is the sort they like. both claim there is no feeling touched if they are confessed by a man they dislike.


I think whether you are successful or not in this matter totally depends on a person you are dating. Just be more observant about what your date said and did is helpful for your decision of the second time of Kokuhaku. Good luck, boy and girls!

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