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Do Japanese girls bathe with their boyfriends?

Why burumā disappears in gym class ?

Last time, we talked about Japan’ girls who sometimes bathe with their parents before junior high school, as it is part of the culture that it is nothing weird or sexual in their perception. This time, we will look at the interview done by Livedoor News about whether Japanese girls, who are perceived as being shy and averse to public display of affection, bathe with their boyfriends or not.  let’ s see the result now!

⇓⇓⇓ First, the Osaka girl, on the left side, loves bathing with her boyfriend, as she likes her romantic partner who washes her hair and body. She says it is more funny to bathe together, instead of showering alone. However, if you see the response from her 2 other friends in the video, they were shocked with her answer which may imply they do not like bathing with their boyfriends. Yet, they both think it may be okay for sharing the bathtub together in the event of travelling, for there may have the good atmosphere for this close physical contact activity.


⇓⇓⇓ Second, the girl, from Aomori prefecture, working in tourist industry, did bathe with her lover and she thinks it is perfectly fine to bath with her boyfriend occasionally , although she prefers bathing alone.

Watch it on youtube here.


⇓⇓⇓ This Fukuoka girl, on the right side,  is a little bit troublesome, in my opinion.  She says she wants her boyfriend to approach her this matter actively, but she will reject him a couple of times in the beginning. She thinks if a man just gives up by hearing one time of rejection, she will never bathe with him in her whole life. Well, it means she enjoys the process of turning him down, but at the same time, she likes her romantic partner who pleases her endlessly. Well, she is like my ex-girlfriend, who is also living in Fukuoka.


⇓⇓⇓ I like the answer from this Sapporo girl who says she enjoys the time listening to music and singing with her lover in the bathtub. She thinks it is the privilege for lovers to do so. Yeah, I think so. It is fun to help each other washing and chat in bathing time, in the condition that there is a big bathtub that you can sit comfortably.

Watch it on youtube here.



⇓⇓⇓ Next, the Tokyo girl, on the right side, also did bathe with her boyfriend. The cute girl  says there is some funny thing which can only be done in the time of taking a bath together. When her friend asked her if that funny stuff was about helping each other for washing, she gave a surprise look. Well, you know what she means (smile).


⇓⇓⇓ Finally, the Okinawa girls think it is non-sense to bathe with their lovers as they feel bad about close physical contact. When they got to know other 5 groups of respondents with the experience of bathing with their romantic partners, they were completely shocked.

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.


What do you think? Did you bathe with your lover? Did you enjoy it? Share your thought in the comment section below!

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