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When do Japanese girls stop bathing with their dads ?

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While the Japanese aversion to physical contact and PDA is well-known, because of the social norm, it is common as the whole family, or son/mother, or daughter/father, to take a bath together. Yet when do Japanese girls stop bathing with their fathers?  Some Japanese girls from different prefectures got interviewed by the YouTube news channel, Livedoor News, to talk about the time when they stopped sharing a bathtub with their fathers at the same moment. The result may be surprising to some westerners and some Asians that they are not sharing the same culture in their daily live. Anyway, Let’s see the result one by one now!

⇓⇓⇓ Starting off with a lady, on the left side, who lives in Osaka as a dentist. She took a bath with her dad till 9 years old. The Osaka girl felt herself stepping into the adolescent stage at that time and was shy about bathing with her parents since elementary grade 4.


⇓⇓⇓ Followed by a housewife, with a mic, living in Sapporo. Without any thought of bathing with parents in her junior school life, the housewife graduated from family bathing around 12 years old. Besides, her friend, on the left side, said she stopped this around elementary grade 3, around the age of 9.


⇓⇓⇓ The sunshine-smiling Tokyo university student, on the right side, talked about her sister who started not bathing with her dad after graduating from elementary school, at the age of 12.  She said her dad was super lonely at that time when he realized his daughter had become a teenager.  Happily, her dad and her sister are still on good terms, according to the girl. It’s great to hear that!


⇓⇓⇓  Last but not least, the two university students living in Fukuoka. The left one said she said goodbye to this family event after 12 years old, while the right one said if she has time, it is okay to take a bath with her father, even now she is an adult.


I think there is nothing “sexual” or “weird” about a family being together in the bathroom, as it is just part of the culture. Sometimes people consider it is “sexual” or “weird”, as they do not temporally place down their own culture first, before giving a quick conclusion.


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