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Ok sign from Japanese girl who wants to stay with her date overnight

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

Japanese girls are famous for being shy, especially for some sensitive topics which they do not express their ideas directly, compared with their western counterparts. If you are dating a Japanese girl, it is a must for being able to read her body language and analyse the hidden meaning of her words, as your question won’t be answered by them straightforwardly. One common question to lots of foreigners, or even to local Japanese men, though, is how one can tell a Japanese girl who wants to stay with them for a night. A YouTube channel, Livedoor news, polled some young Japanese girls about what their okay sign will be given to their dates if they are okay with the sleeping with them after dinner or drink.
⇓⇓ Starting off with a 20-something girl, a vocational school student, who lives in Okinawa. She says she will make herself drunk ,so as to show her aggressive side to her man. The Okinawa girl thinks a man can sense a girl who is okay for overnight stay if she is being aggressive and proactive.


⇓⇓ Followed by a unviersity student who lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The Sapporo girl will give an okay sign also by hugging her date, so he will get to know the signal for an extra activity after dinner. In some prefectures in Japan, such as Kyushu or Hokkaido, physical contact, particularly hugging or kissing, are rarely seen in public, for the ladies there are way more conservative than girls living in Tokyo. Thus, it is a big signal if a Japanese girl actively touches you.


⇓⇓ Next is a Tokyo girl who will ask her date to keep drinking with her by going to different bars or others even though it is very late.


Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

⇓⇓ Well, this one is super important. A female university student living in Osaka will express her wish by saying ” it seems we can’t catch our last train back home” as a okay sign for overnight stay together. I know some of my female Japanese friends saying in this way to imply that they don’t want to go back home separately after dating.


⇓⇓ The Fukuoka young ladies, all saying like the previous one by giving an excuse not being able to catch the last train.


⇓⇓ Finally, this sophisticated saleslady from Aomori prefecture gives a hint to men if a girl’s bag is bigger than usual, inside the bag are some cosmetics and clothes for tomorrow’s use. What a good observation!

Japanese commercials about colleges (youtube)


If you can understand Japanese, you can watch the below video directly. Sorry for telling you so late. (smile)

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Well, do you have any experience of overnight stay with Japanese girl? How can they give you a hint ? Share your experience in the comment section below !

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