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Cyber Agent’s gorgeous employees rival AKB48 with lovely smiles and hot costumes.

While Japan company is notorious for its long working hours, there are still many good points working for a Japanese company, though. One of them is that employees in Japan, as a group,  like to engage in some public activities which not only can bring the company a positive image, but also unite all the staff of one company though working for one big goal together. The below music video is one of them.

The music video was  made by Japanese internet advertising firm Cyber Agent, which responded to Akb48 that asked their fans to submit a music video, with the use of their latest song, “Halloween Night”. Although the music video was uploaded in 2005, the good video should be watched a couple of times, especially with numerous pretty employees who can make your day. Let’s watch some highlights below:

⇓⇓Starting off with the staff wearing the sailor uniform. I think they look way younger than real high school girls. (smile)


⇓⇓Followed with the staff of the game SGE department ! it is great to have a cup of coffee prepared by them! I know I am day-dreaming now !


⇓⇓Some lovely witches below ! I think I have got their spell and become a fan of them…


⇓⇓In Asia, staff in human department can decide your fate of your company or of your career, if you have some bad relationship with the people working there, for they have a wide network of every department , your bad reputation will be widely spread by their mouths. Yet, those staff look like angel, even though they are wearing the devil costumes.


⇓⇓New staff who wear the Chinese-style dress. It is time to practice table-tennis if you wanna have a date with one of them.


⇓⇓I don’t want to apply for sick leave if they are on duty everyday!


⇓⇓ ladies from sales department. Please don’t sell me anything, as I will buy everything they sell to me…


⇓⇓For more, you may watch the video below:


I have become a fan of them, and can’ t help watching other fan-made videos from the AKB48 Youtube channel. Just tell me which group you like the best on the comment section below !

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