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High school life in Japan (1977) [video]


Now you may get to know Japanese high school life by watching anime or love drama which you see lots of cute girls wearing mini-skirt and having a stylish hairdo, or some handsome men practicing baseball, cheered by a bevy of young girls who plan to give them love letters. What about the real school life in Japan in 1970s ? Luckily, this video, the photo album of the typical high school life in 1977, may satisfy your desire to know what the old, real Japan was.


What were they talking about ? I wanna be in their conversation!


Good jump, man !



Girls practicing for their brass band club! Are they playing as good as swing girl ?

It is time to go home ! I am happy with their smiling. Did they have to go to cram school for extra lesson ?


It seemed they were working hard for the recuitment of their school clubs. What club activity did you join in your high school life ?


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