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Why burumā disappears in gym class

Watch it on youtube here, if you don’t like to read!

While you are watching anime or Japanese drama, It is common to see Japanese junior high and high school girls wearing burumā, bloomers in English, in gym class. Nowadays, though, student in Japan no longer wears the pair of tiny high-cut gym shorts. Why ?


The bloomers has been replaced by unisex, longer-legged shorts, because of the anti-bloomer movement to the Japanese school in Singapore in 1993. The female students in Singapore complained that they had caught unfriendly attention from their opposite sex while wearing tight-fitting shorts for jogging in public.

Watch it on youtube here.


That news had raised the awareness of young girls all over Japan, who strongly asked for the replacement of burumā which might constitute sexual harassment. After 1993, the use of burumā rapidly went down; and the rest is history.

For all the buddy information, If you have been to love hotel in Japan, burumā is still one of the best-selling costumes for couples to get into the mood.

Watch it on youtube by clicking here.

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