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Virgin-killing sweater, perhaps the only sweater Japanese men want their girlfriends to wear this winter

While it is not made of Japan, but its neighbouring country, China, this “virgin-killing sweater” has been a big hit in Japan. Let’s see the product right away !


On the front there is almost the full coverage that you can’t see your girlfriend’s breasts, but …


It is very open on the sides


And the full exposure of the back! One may take a peek at the top edge of the buttock.


It is quite awesome if your girlfriend wears this waiting for you on the bed.

Obviously, it is the home-wear-only sweater for couples to get into the mood. You may buy it through online retailer Taobao now ! I have bought one for my girlfriend, although she may not wear it for me =[

The tabao link for purchasing this sweater:


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