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Japanese ladies asked not to do make-up on the train

Last year, a railway company, Tokyu Corporation, issued the series of posters,called “My Daily of Tokyu Lines”, for urging passengers to obey the rules during the journey. Some Japanese ladies are still angry with the appeal from the posters, though.


On the bottom of poster above, the phrase, “please don’t apply make-up during the commute on the train,” has sparkled  hot debate on the internet . ” I think the problems about perverts and obnoxious drinkers present on the train are more serious and disturbing,” said by one lady who thinks the railway company is not facing the real issues.

However, even being criticised severely by public, Tokyu Coporation didn’t learn its lesson and released another poster which, again, targeted on female train-users by urging them to sit neatly, to avoid some perverts taking photos on their underwears. If you are a bit attentive on the poster, you will figure out the male passengers between the young lady sit casually, in contrast of the lady who is “required” to sit nicely. According to the poster, it seems male train-users can do whatever they want while women are the one forced to obey the rules.


Besides, one manga artist mocks at the women by drawing the below picture and uploading it on his twitter. His act has been massively ambushed by men and women in Japan,  and even his fans are not happy with his action. He, however, says it is his freedom of speech, and everyone doesn’t need to take his drawing too seriously.


Personally, I don’t think women applying make-up on the train are disturbing. Instead, some men talking very loudly are way more annoying than anyone who just silently does his/her own business.

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