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More than 1000 followers = famous in Japan


Japanese people are known to be very concerned about their privacy, so not many of them open a social media account to share their personal stuff in public. Hence, in the eyes of many Japanese people, if one can get at least 1000 followers on twitter or IG, that person is kind of famous, in their perception. Let’s see how some of them has got  1000 followers or more !



This cute lady has got around 500 followers!



This cute girls has got 1115 followers. I guess at least 100 of them have a crush on her, including me!


This young man has got 1250 followers! The time to boom a bunch of followers was due to the upload of the photo which showed him losing the racing game. His schoolmates and friends cheered him up and has become  his followers.


This beautiful mother always posts her photos with her son by wearing fashionable outfit, and she has got 2187 followers. Well, Japanese Mum is cool.


This handsome guy, always uploading his selfies, and has got 5307 followers. I guess many of his female fans are still high school students. Do you think he is handsome ?


Finally, this cute lady has got 72000 followers! She said people follow her, as they like to see her funny face.

Perhaps, over 1000 followers is nothing special in other foreign countries. Japan, though, is a country valuing privacy very much that more than 1000 followers in any social media account, actually, is kind of overwhelming result!

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