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Five main reasons why some Japanese female university students still remain single (Survey)


Love should be all around in university life, after the vigorous and competitive college entrance exam. lots of Japanese girls , though, remain single. Since Japan is a country lived by numerous cute girls(I think every girl in Japan is cute), in order to figure out why some girls don’t fall in love, Internet portal My Navi no Madoguchi polled 128 single female university students about the reason of still leading to a single life in U life. Let’s look at some reasons to know more about Japanese girls’ thought.

Communication carrier
Japanese girls generally are known to be shy not actively engaging in conversation, especially with their opposite sex. ” I haven’t talked to any man,” ” I feel uneasy to talk to men , since I lack confidence,” “when I meet man, I feel nervous and can’t chat causally,” given by some single respondents who view there is a super tall communication barrier between them and men. Well, I think the biggest barrier is they set up the barrier by themselves. Of course, it takes a long time to overcome it.

Not interested in men
It makes sense! Not everyone wants to fall in love.


High standard on men
Life for high school Japanese girls is full of love dramas and shojo mangas which provide the great entertainment for their busy school life. Some who read too much of manga may imagine their potential date as similar as or exactly like a prince-like hero. “No handsome, no date,” “only fall in love if my date is handsome like a TV star,” said by some single ladies in the survey. Well, they are still young, so I think they have the right to be picky and unrealistic. (Smile)


No meeting chance
Female junior high schools, female high schools, and female universities are commonly scattered around Japan that no small number of girls just stays with their peers of the same sex before graduation. That is to say, many of them have had no experience or chance in meeting boys individually by themselves, due to the reason of studying in female school since high school.


Being ugly
‘I am not cute,” sadly uttered by one 19-year-old student who considers herself not charming. Since she is living in the society which values appearance or first impression over almost everything, I somehow understand her feeling. For those who think they are not cute or pretty, please don’t give up! Someday, someone will find your inner beauty which I think is the most beautiful part of human being.

The above-mentioned points are given by Japanese university students who think these are the reasons they still “enjoy” their single life. Are there many single university females in your country ? Share your thought on the comment section below =]

Japanese survey news with me on Youtube! Why Japanese women don’t like socializing with their co-workers after work


Watch the video on youtube by clicking here !

Source: http://news.ameba.jp/20170127-553/



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