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My boyfriend is like woman, Japanese girls sound off


To live in the country full of shojo mangas and love dramas,Some Japanese young girls  like imagining their boyfriends as gentle and handsome as the manga or drama characters, but when they literally start a relationship, they realize boys are not the type portrayed by shojo manga artists who tend to describe the young man as the perfect sort in order to sell their work. To understand what boys do or say actually disappointing Japanese girls , Internet portal my navi no madoguchi polled 197 female university students about the disillusionment they have from their boyfriends and list out 4 biggest things they didn’t think of before relationship.


Boys are dirty
We know girls are cleaner than boys, generally. Sometimes for being lazy and sleepy, boys go to bed directly with taking a shower. That said, this shocks girls who proceed the concept of boys who clean up their bodies as regular as they are . “He doesn’t take a bath at night! He goes to bed with the clothes he wears since morning,” complained by one 21-year-old student. I suggest any girl who unfortunately has a dirty romantic partner, although is not romantic anymore with a dirty body, can ban him from any form of physical touch unless he promises to change his outfit and bathe twice a day.

Boys have great feminine power
While Japanese men are perceived of being manly and of not being good at housework and cooking duties, which are traditionally viewed as girls’ tasks, some boys can perfectly manage the housework that surprises some girls who feel their pride are hurt, in some sense. Some sharing are below:

“He cooks better than I expected, and he prepares a good Christmas dinner for me.”
“His cooking is good, and his room is very clean.”
“I feel bad about my present, as he gave me a very grand gift on white Day.”


Girls in Japan feel uneasy about their partners robbing some of their duties in real life. It seems boys can’t be too perfect like a drama character whom girls dream of in bed time.

His heart is very girlish
Japanese men are viewed as very masculine, at least in sport area that they train themselves throughout the day for the glory of their schools. That sounds cool, indeed. But in the realm of love, they become naive and are easy to get emotional by some words, perhaps due to the lack of dating experience. ” He is super jealous” uttered by a 18-year-old girl who is a first-year student who might be in a relationship with the boy of the same age who has  no experience of dating. (Sorry for so many “whosss”) “While I chatted with my male friend, he became very sensitive and asked me so many questions about him,” grumbled by 19-year-old girl. Perhaps, that is not about being like a girl, but the case of jealousy, in some degree.


Double faces
Well, honestly, as time goes by, it is easy to find out some bad sides of your partner as you know him much more better than the first week. To impress his targeted girl, a boy, of course, just shows all the merits in the beginning, so as to win the dating game. The Japanese girls in the survey are upset about their romantic partners with many character flaws coming out as the time of relationship become longer. Their dream of having a boyfriend acting like a prince is just merely a dream, finally. Some comments are below:

“He is serious but very weird”
“He is not like a drama character and very cold to me”
“I thought he was nice, but he totally isn’t”

As a man who also has experienced in their stage, I feel sorry about the cute survey respondents and hope them not to give up hope for finding out their ideal partner. Before 30, one shall be idealistic for everything. (Smile)

Source: https://gakumado.mynavi.jp/gmd/articles/45299



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