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The 10 most popular Japanese girls’ names got swiped right by dating apps users

Nowadays, it is a growing number of Japanese women using Tinder to find out a romantic partner, or just look for friends for fun. The very first for a girl to get a date with her  “ideal” boy is also to make him swiping right when he sees her profile, otherwise, nothing will go on.


Interestingly, Tinder Japan issued a press release about the top 10s of most popular Japanese names for women who are usually being swiped right by male users. This may give some hints to Japanese ladies to hunt for their ideal targets with more probability.  Let’s dive into the top 10 and see how awesome the names are first!

10. Aoi

9. Misato


7. Kanako

6. Erika

5. Rina

4. Mizuki

3. Moe

2. Ayaka

1. Miya

As a foreigner, also having a Japanese girlfriend,  I can’t figure out the real impact of the suggested name list, as I swipe right usually based on the brief profile and the photos given by the female users. I guess girls who are called “Miya”are kind of attractive in the eyes of men on this social matching site.

Reference: http://youpouch.com/2017/01/18/409219/

Source: Tinder Japan press release

Inserted Image: https://www.pakutaso.com/20160401116post-7731.html


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